Zupa Dubrovacka

Zupa Dubrovacka is located in the extreme southeastern part of Croatia. It was an integral part of the city of Dubrovnik until 1997, when it split into a separate municipality.

It consists of 17 settlements: Brašina, Buići, Čelopeci, Čibača, Donji and Gornji Brgat, Grbavac, Kupari, Makoše, Mandaljena, Martinovići, Mlini, Petrača, Plat, Soline, Srebreno and Zavrelje.

A magical part of Croatia, which for centuries has fascinated every visitor with its culture, natural environment, sea and lush vegetation. It is only 6 km southeast of the historic center of Dubrovnik. It is bordered on the north by a hilly chain, and on the southeast it is open to the sea. Filled with subtropical vegetation and numerous places near and along the edge of the parish bay, it abounds in unique nature, which certainly make it one of the most beautiful oases in Croatia.

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