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Dubrovnik Inn

Your accommodation in the most beautiful Mediterranean City

Dubrovnik Inn

Golden Palm Apartment

Mlini, one-bedroom apartment, Swimming pool

Separate private entrance, ground floor.
Max adults 2, children 1 (up to 12 years old).
Golden Palm Apartment is situated on the ground floor. It offers fully equipped kitchen, king size bed, wardrobe, dining table, flat TV, modern bathroom, spacious outdoor dining area and outdoor furniture.
Air conditioned, Free parking on site, Free Wi-Fi, Swimming pool

Dubrovnik Inn
Dubrovnik Inn

Stradun Residence

Separate private entrance.
Stradun Residence is located in Old town center, right on Stradun promenade. It is spread over three floors. This 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms accommodation offers fully equipped kitchen, queen size beds, wardrobes, dining table, flat TVs, modern bathrooms, one with a bathtub and the other with a shower.
The whole space is Air Conditioned with Free Wi-Fi.

Dubrovnik Inn
Dubrovnik Inn

Royal Palm Studio Apartment

Separate private entrance, ground floor.
Max adults 2, children 1 (up to 12 years old).
Royal Palm Apartment is situated on the ground floor. It offers fully equipped kitchen, king size bed, wardrobe, dining table, flat TV, modern bathroom, spacious outdoor dining area and outdoor furniture.
Air conditioned / free parking on site / free Wi-Fi / Swimming pool

Dubrovnik Inn
Dubrovnik Inn

Sago Palm Apartment

Separate private entrance, ground floor.
Max adults 2, children 1 (up to 12 years old).
Sago Palm Apartment is situated on the ground floor. It offers fully equipped kitchen, king size bed, large wardrobe, dining table, flat TV, modern bathroom, spacious outdoor dining area and outdoor furniture.
Air conditioned / free parking on site / free Wi-Fi / Swimming pool

Dubrovnik Inn

Dubrovnik Inn
Dubrovnik Inn


Dubrovnik is a city in the south of Croatia and a port on the Adriatic coast. With 42,614 inhabitants (2011), it is the city, trade, cultural, historical and educational center of the region of Southern Dalmatia, the administrative center of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and one of the most important historical and tourist centers in Croatia. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Dubrovnik Inn
Dubrovnik Inn

Zupa Dubrovacka

A magical part of Croatia, which for centuries has fascinated every visitor with its culture, natural environment, sea and lush vegetation. It is only 6 km southeast of the historic center of Dubrovnik.

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Things to do and see…

Take a Stradun Promenade walk

Stradun (Placa) is the main street in the Old Town. It is only 300 meters long. It stretches in the east-west direction, between the two city gates, from Pila and from Ploče. The plot starts at Pasko Milicevic Square and ends at Luža Square in front of the City Bell Tower, thus encompassing a number of important monuments within the old town.

Big Onofrio's Fountain, Klarisa Monastery, Church of Sv. Spas, Franciscan Church of the Little Brothers, Birthplace of Ivo Vojnović, Sponza Palace, Zvonara Luža, City Bell Tower, Small Onofrio's Fountain, Orlando's Column, Main Guard Building, Church of St. Vlaho.

Take a walk along Stradun, at any time of the day or night.

Walk on Dubrovnik Walls, Towers and Fortresses

Dubrovnik has become the most famous Croatian tourist city, because of its beautiful coast, many islands and islets, turbulent past, but mostly because of its architecture, which is amazing. The largest and most beautiful monument of the past are the Dubrovnik walls. Their construction dates back to the 8th Century and is adorned with beautiful towers and fortresses. The walls can be entered at three entrances: on Stradun at the gate of Pile, at the Fortress of St. Ivan and near the Fortress of St. Luke. They are open all year round.

Minceta Tower is a fortress on the north of the city walls. It was completed in 1464, and the model was made by the great Florentine builder Michelozzo Michelozzi. Bokar Tower is a fortress to the west of the city walls, also called Star, built from 1461 to 1463 according to the project of the Florentine builder Michelozzo Michelozzi. Fortress St. John is located in the southeast of the city walls from the 16th century. It protected the entrance to the old city port. It is the work of the Dubrovnik builder Paskoj Miličević. Revelin Fortress is to the east of the city walls. It was built in 1462 before the Turkish threat. 

With your Walls card, visit Fort of Saint Lawrence and Revelin

Beside Walls, a favorite location of travelers is the Fort of Saint Lawrence (Lovrijenac). Known as the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik, it is located on a cliff outside the walls on the west side of the Old Town, 37 m above sea level. Enjoy the view of the Old Town and the sea, and take unforgettable photos. Once a defensive fortress, today it is used for special ceremonies and theater performances during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It also served as the backdrop for the popular Game of Thrones series.

Your ticket for the walls is also valid for the Fort of Saint Lawrence (as well as for the Revelin Fortress), so don't miss this historical cultural monuments.

Visit Imperial Fort by Cable car

You will be amazed with the breath-taking views of the Dubrovnik Old town and the crystal waters of Adriatic Sea from the top of the Srd Hill.

Enjoy your meal and drink in Panorama Restaurant & Bar, go on an adventurous ride with the Buggy Safari tour and visit the Souvenir shop, the Ohrid Pearl shop and the Coin blacksmithing shop. Here you will also find The Museum of Dubrovnik in Homeland war.

This is The place where you should take many pictures.

Check out prices and all on

You may stay here long. Enjoy.

Have a Beach day

Banje Beach - pebble beach Banje is located next to the Old Town and offers a beautiful view of the walls of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum. Swim in the crystal clear sea and have fun with beach volleyball, water polo or five-a-side football. St. Jakov is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik. This pebble beach is located near the Old Town, in a small bay at the foot of the church of St. Jacob. Enjoy the charms of summer and dive into the crystal clear sea or try kayaking and jet skiing. Copacabana Beach is located on the Lapad Peninsula and is a great place for summer fun for the whole family. Relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the island of Daksa or try one of the many water sports. Buza Beach - from this nice beach, which is located below the city walls, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the open sea and the island of Lokrum. There is also a coffee bar on the beach, which turns into a popular place to go out in the evenings. Lokrum Beach - a visit to Dubrovnik will not be complete without a visit to the island of Lokrum, which is located in front of the Old Town. Visit the botanical garden and the Benedictine monastery, and indulge in the charms of summer on the beautiful beaches of the island. Srebreno Beach, Župa dubrovačka - a fragrant landscape with beautiful pebble beaches and secluded coves, mild climate, agaves, palm trees, pines and Mediterranean greenery are the most famous features of a holiday in Sreberno.

Enjoy Dubrovnik Nightlife

Dubrovnik is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia, a city called the Pearl of the Adriatic, due to its rich historical heritage and beautiful beaches overlooking the walls of Dubrovnik. As such, Dubrovnik every year brings a growing choice for spending the night and offers the best for an evening out, numerous restaurants, many of which are on the list of the best in Croatia and numerous clubs, where unforgettable parties are held until the early morning hours with top quality performances. One thing is for sure, Dubrovnik will delight you in every way.

Have dinner at Restaurant 360 °, Proto Restaurant in Old town, Nautica on Pile gate, or Pantarul in Lapad area, and then have fun at Culture Club Revelin, Lazareti or on Banje Beach.

Sail to Elaphiti Islands

The group of Elaphite or Deer Islands consists of eight islands, five islets and a large number of reefs, cliffs and shoals. Inhabited: Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan.

The closest to Dubrovnik is Kolocep (Kalamota). The settlements of Gornje and Donje Čelo are located in its two largest bays. The clear, azure sea abounds in fish and shellfish. The sign of the century-old population, since antiquity, are numerous monuments and a specialy the remains of sarcophagi, stone sculptures, chapels and churches. Lopud is an island of beautiful sandy beaches. The boat will take you to the village of the same name, from where you will walk to the unique sandy bay Sunj on the opposite side of the island. There are fortresses, churches, summer houses and monasteries rich in valuable works of art all over the island. The largest is Sipan, an island rich in vineyards and olive groves. The two largest settlements are Šipanska luka and Suđurađ. On the inner side of the island there is an abundance of natural anchorages of immense beauty where pine branches reach to the surface of the sea.

In this small area there is a huge number of monuments, over thirty churches, several monasteries, about sixty Gothic-Renaissance mansions. The islanders are known for their hospitality. They will be happy to take you to the field and to the fishing, to offer you healthy food and the golden drops of their vineyards.

Follow the wine road along the Peljesac peninsula

Taste traditional recipes paired with fine wines in taverns or local restaurants. The scents of the Mediterranean is local tradition. Be sure to visit Pelješac wineries and family farms that offer meals prepared in the traditional way.
Follow the signs of the wine road "Peljesac - The Wine Empire" and explore the flavors and aromas of Peljesac cuisine. The flavors of Pelješac are widely recognized, especially Ston shells and the famous red wine Plavac Mali.

Oysters and mussels from the Bay of Mali Ston are valued all over the world, the richness of fish from the two seas, small and large, home-made products from family farms - all this leads you to a unique gastronomic world.



Visit 'Game of Thrones' locations

Immerse yourself in the city of ‘King’s Landing’ with a guided tour of Dubrovnik’s famous sights, as seen in Game of Thrones. Explore Westeros’ capital city with local guides, who will take you to the most famous filming locations and let you in on the secrets of its production. Instantly recognize where parts of the story played out while your guide shares anecdotes and shows you iconic images from the series. Visit the impressive Lovrijenac Fortress (Red Keep) and admire the seemingly endless fortified walls where Tyrion Lannister and Varys took a stroll. See the Pile Gate where King Joffrey was faced with a citizens’ riot or put yourself into the shoes of Cercei as she was taking her 'walk of shame' through the city. Listen to the behind-the-scenes stories and as your guide may well have been a Game of Thrones extra or stand-in and have the opportunity to talk to actors.

Play The Game.

Visit Island Lokrum

The island of Lokrum is only a 10-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik's old port and is a protected Park of Nature and a special preserve of forest vegetation. On the Island you will discover the remains of a turbulent history, the karst phenomenon of the Dead Sea, numerous bays, a botanical garden with 700 exotic plant species and rare animal species such as rare turtles or peacocs.
If you are a fan of the popular series 'Game of Thrones', which was filmed also on the island of Lokrum, do not miss to sit in the Iron Throne at the Center for Visitors of the Island of Lokrum and feel like you are in charge of the Seven Kingdoms.
Climb the 19th-century French Fortress in the shape of a star, located on the highest peak of the island and enjoy the beautiful view. Discover the botanical garden of trees and shrubs and take photos in a cactus field.
If you like jumping and diving, the rocky coast of the island is ideal for you, one part of the island with beaches is intended only for nudists.
You can reach Lokrum by your own or rented boat, as part of organized excursions and in summer, by a regular line from the port of Dubrovnik, which goes every half hour.

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